Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perry 2 Week 2

20 Loves
Jeanie here again. The past weeks have been weird. Moving here with my husband and 3 children. Having a fourth, getting caught cheating. Then moving out on my own. I have a nice little place now, where I can do all the wooing I want.

The house also has a nice pond. I visited that the first day here before that Welcome Wagon came.


The people to welcome to the town aren't much to talk about. Only Chico Ramirez caught my eye. It wasn't difficult to sway him from his wife.


As you can see in the picture, I found a job in medical. Some guy has been dumping off computers with everyone in town. He must be loaded.

After Chico, I decided to get a little more permanent company. I had a cat move in.


I met this cat while still at my ex-husband's house, but we had all those brats running around so we couldn't afford the cat.

Mentioning my ex husband, we are on better terms.


He came by Tuesday. We got along pretty well. I'm sure he's back in love with me.

Wednesday came with a promotion all the way up to nurse.


I also had a guest. The gentelman the set me up with Knut. I wondered why he hadn't asked me out himself. We were compatible enough.


I also got the flu...


Thursday I knew it was not the flu. My ex-husband had impregnated me...again!


I couldn't let this hold me back. I still went after love.And found 2 more for me.



Finally it was time to have that evil child.


Only it didn't go as planned.


Despite my anger at having more children. I named them, Alexander and James.


I figure if you've seen one picture you've seen them both right now.
But that's pretty much my ruined week.

Interesting pic:


Sake Plays with Butterflies

I noticed after this house that risky woohoo was set at 30%! It was fixed after this household. It's now 15%.


  1. Hm, it's not good to have kids when living a Romance dream. They get all upset when mommy woohoos someone else than their father...

  2. Haha the twins always come along when you least expect them! lol