Thursday, February 6, 2020

Welcome to Looniville

Welcome to the first entry of a new Sims 2 Prosperity Challenge blog. My former 2 hoods crashed or were burnt in a fire, so I'm starting again.
Rules for this challege can be found at:

To begin you roll a die to determine households. I will be starting with 4 households, with three households starting with 5 occupants, and one starting with 3.

The break down of the 18 sims in the neighborhood is
2 Toddlers
4 Children
4 Teens
5 Adults
3 Elders

You will meet them when I start posting.

Custom content eyes used can be found at Mod the Sims 2, user: dragonmandy
Any other custom content used can be found here at a later date.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Round: Thomas was born and became a toddler, Docas and Francis left for college. Lana became a teen with a LTW of World Class Ballet Dancer.


Alicia again for an update on what's happened. First and foremost, I made it up to Starter this week.


Just a few more promotions before I'm a Hall of Famer.

Thomas grew to a child and started studying.


He looks a lot like me if I do say so. He made friends quickly with Hannah Allen. Maybe there's a future there. They are so cute together.


We adopted another dog in hopes of Pepper having puppies.


We hoped that the dogs would get along, and it seems like they have.


Lana had to decide whether to let a monkey name Wiki do work for her.



Evidently, she made the right decision not letting Wiki do the check boxes.
One sad thing to report is that Vincent passed away Wednesday.


It made us all sad. But we knew we had to press on.


Friday, Lana invited the headmaster over for her and Thomas. I thought it was a little too soon after the passing of Vincent, but she got in anyway.


Lana decided not to keep seeing the boy from last week, instead she starting dating a boy she was best friends with since elementary school, Sedar Wade.


Lana left Saturday evening for college. She's excited to be going.


One more picture before you go. I got a little carried away after Vincent's death. I started  a relationship with a co-worker.


It's much too soon after Vincent's passing, but I'm not sure how to tell my co-worker this. Maybe next week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

James Round 3

An article clipped from Looniville Times.

We are sad to announce this week the death of an entire household. This week the entire James household was killed.
The week started out normally as possible.
Chad had an emotional breakdown.


This breakdown changed when Chad and Emmy Holoman got married in a quiet ceremony at their home.


The week progressed with promotions, and even Chad's daughter Gloria had money come in with her being spelling bee champion at Looniville High School. Chad was invited to join the local cooking club, due to his enthusiasm.


But it was due to his cooking that tragedy struck. That evening, while preparing a meal for th headmaster, he left for work. He forgot about the food cooking on the stove.
Emmy was the first to notice the fire. She paniced and was unable to call emergency services.
She passed away quickly


Soon his daughter Gloria was also affected by the fire and also passed.


Chad had them buried in the back yard where he could grieve in private.


On top of these losses, his dog was also taken away due to his barking at the fire.


To cheer himself, it appears Chad went to the cooking club meeting, where he won first place with his pancakes.


Upon leaving the cooking club meeting Chad was struck by lightening.


He made it to his home where he passed away Thursday evening.


Let us remind everyone that fires are serious and that you should educate yourself and your family about fire safety.

Allen Round 3

ast Week: Armando moved in, Hannah was born, Fred passed away. Jim skilled a lot. 


Lillian here to update you on this exciting week. First, Armando and I got married.


Dad has been so sad this week. He swears he's seen Fred


And he's done nothing but read, paint and talk to the mirror. It made me concerned for him. I'm sure he's depressed about Fred. It's been causing me some trouble to be there for him and my daughter. Who became a toddler.


Armando hasn't the best week at work. He gained some skills but lost us a lot of money we could have used.





(anyone know what this means?)

However, Zach has been doing ok. My sister evidently heard about Zach and sent some money in the mail. I had a stern talk with her later about sending money to the kids.


He did decide that with his money, he would get a puppy.


Leroy wasn't a puppy for long. Wished I knew that would be the case. He was peeing on the floor even as an adult dog.


(mislabeled the picture oops!)
Hannah has done well. Jim calmed down a little to work with Hannah.


Hannah also loved the dog.


Armando evidently talked to dad too much. He's swearing he saw Fred too.


Finally the day came for Hannah to have her birthday.


She takes after me quite a bit I think. I feel bad for Hannah though. Right after she grew to a child, Jim passed away.


He talked about seeing death and hula girls.


He left us a hefty sum though.


There are 2 things left to mention. The kids were accepted into private school finally.

And I found out, I'm pregnant.

Normally I would have said no to Lillian having another child, but she rolled up the want.

Interesting pic:


Jim's hat is right where he left it.

Scores through round 2

Sims: 24
Sims with Suma Cum Laude: 3
Networth: 149010= 2 points
Shrink Visits -1


University Round 2

Starting with the Freshmen


All three had no trouble joining the Greek house. However moving there was a different story. The lot became corrupted. And no sims could be moved out.


They were teleported to a lot


Then moved into a new home.

Arianna here to tell you about what happened this week. Miriam and Francis had chemistry


and soon were engaged.


Leaving Dorcas as the only single sim. She wasn't that into anyone she had me, and we had a bit of money.


She met Ryker Akagi, and really hit it off.


 As for the older of us. I started crafting robots.


I also learned to summon aliens.


Evidently those that did not go with me were pretty concerned. Bu I returned just fine.

Francis had a bit of a wandering eye. He went downtown and met this umm...pretty lady? We'll go with that...


 I learned some valuable things tinkering my Sophomore and Junior year. I can now be totally focused on what I'm working on.


They even gave me a plaque for being able to do that.

Time sure flies and soon it was time for graduation. Hillary, William and Peter all left.







Of course Peter stayed around a little bit because I still had time before I could graduate. But, I have a feeling there was something more he wanted to accomplish.


Just because the sim has a plaque in the hobby does not mean it's their chosen hobby. Many times, the sim just rolled up the want to do that hobby building activity.