Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Allen Round 3

ast Week: Armando moved in, Hannah was born, Fred passed away. Jim skilled a lot. 


Lillian here to update you on this exciting week. First, Armando and I got married.


Dad has been so sad this week. He swears he's seen Fred


And he's done nothing but read, paint and talk to the mirror. It made me concerned for him. I'm sure he's depressed about Fred. It's been causing me some trouble to be there for him and my daughter. Who became a toddler.


Armando hasn't the best week at work. He gained some skills but lost us a lot of money we could have used.





(anyone know what this means?)

However, Zach has been doing ok. My sister evidently heard about Zach and sent some money in the mail. I had a stern talk with her later about sending money to the kids.


He did decide that with his money, he would get a puppy.


Leroy wasn't a puppy for long. Wished I knew that would be the case. He was peeing on the floor even as an adult dog.


(mislabeled the picture oops!)
Hannah has done well. Jim calmed down a little to work with Hannah.


Hannah also loved the dog.


Armando evidently talked to dad too much. He's swearing he saw Fred too.


Finally the day came for Hannah to have her birthday.


She takes after me quite a bit I think. I feel bad for Hannah though. Right after she grew to a child, Jim passed away.


He talked about seeing death and hula girls.


He left us a hefty sum though.


There are 2 things left to mention. The kids were accepted into private school finally.

And I found out, I'm pregnant.

Normally I would have said no to Lillian having another child, but she rolled up the want.

Interesting pic:


Jim's hat is right where he left it.


  1. Wow do the hats come off when the Sim passes? But then again, I don't think I have ever had a Sim wearing one when the time came. hummm...I will have to set that up to see.

  2. The secret location member card makes the sim able to go to a hobby lot. He can bring anyone he likes.
    PS, you've got two pictures of Zach in the end of the update and non of a pregnant Lillian

  3. That's a rather poignant picture at the end with the thinking cap sitting next to the urn. Goodbye Jim...hopefully he can be happy now that he's together with Fred again.