Monday, March 1, 2010

James Round 2

Gloria here. Dad's been kinda busy this week, so I figured I would tell you what happened this week. But first Miriam wanted to say something.

Dad forgot what I wanted to do with my life. Can you believe that?! And he calls himself family oriented. Anyway, I like having friends and I really like pets, so I figured, why no have 20 pet best friends.

Anyway you can go back to chatting with my boring sister now.

That could have gone better. Anyway dad said Spring is the time for romance and friends. Dad started by making friends with Alicia, our neighbor.

I think dad may have had other feelings for her, but let that relationship alone.
He also started talking to people as they came by, just being friendly. One lady said she knew someone that worked at the same hospital as dad.

He came home the next day with a better job. But that could have been because he chose to examine the Sherpa and not the llama.

I enjoyed dad telling that story. But dad is a resident in the ER.

As for me. I had a birthday. I wasn't just going to be daddy's little girl anymore. Of course, dad says I'll always be his little girl.

I chose to go after a life of knowledge. I find that really fun, just knowing all those facts.

I'd really like to know all there is about everything.

Not to brag, but I'm also kind of pretty. And unlike some people in the neighbourhood, I like the outfit I got.

I also got contacts and grew my hair out long.

Shortly after I grew up, it was time for Miriam to leave for college. She had applied and got accepted to Sim State. She called later to say that she got settled.

I met a guy. His name is Amar Butler. He was one of those guys that you could ignore because of his bowl haircut. I found it a little charming. He and I would chat and he even came over one evening.

It turns out he had a crush on me for a while. We started flirting a little bit and well we're going steady,

The next day, I was hoping to go on a date with Amar, but we had a huge snowfall. I watched the news in the morning and they announced there would be no school.

After the snow cleared, I finally convinced dad to get a dog. He had been playing with a stray, but it didn't want to join the family. So we headed down to Pepe's Pets to see what was available. I saw this lovely dog and knew I had to have her.

You may argue that Conner is not a name for a female dog. But it suits her. Evidently, when I was eyeing dogs, dad was eyeing something else. He met Emmy there and they really hit it off.

I'm happy. Dad need someone since I'll be heading to college next week and Conner can only do so much.

I have to tell you this week wasn't all good. We were robbed Sunday evening. Dad hadn't yet got an alarm system installed.

He took the chess set, the dog bed, and the TV. I'm kinda bummed, I loved that chess set. Hopefully though, this is not a sign of the coming weeks.

Odd Picture out:

Really not sure what happened, but Gloria's eyes were not showing behind her glasses. It was only her hair.


  1. Glasses fogged up! It's very common in the winter. At least IRL :)

  2. Hahah Connor for a dog that dog a pit bull? Do they have those in this game? :)

  3. Conner is a boxer, but they do have pitbulls