Sunday, February 14, 2010

Porter Round 1

This is the last new house of this round which means I can start playing again. I decided to do scores after finishing a round (I decided to do this after posting some scores. University will be included in this round.

 Raising Babes

I'm Alicia, welcome to my home. We had an excellent week in this new town. Oh I guess I should say a little about everyone first. Vincent and I fell in love. It was a May-December romance as some call it. All I knew is I wanted to spend the rest of my life loving that man. We were blessed with children, which we didn't expect to have at Vincent's age. We have Dorcas, our oldest, Francis our little boy, and Lana our sweet toddler.

This week was rough on us. But we did as well as we could. I even decided to go after my life time desire to get into the Hall of Fame.

Vincent thinks it's a little too late for hims to try for his.

I did have some problems with my career though. The first day Limpy got injured and I was asked to become Limpy. I couldn't give up being a llama, but I should have. I ended up losing my job over this ordeal/

I decided then to take a couple days off before looking for a new job. I knew I couldn't be unemployed very long, we needed the income. I spent time with my kids. I taught Dorcas and Francis to do homework

I also worked on potty training Lana

Vincent said he would take care of walking and talking skills that she would need.

I must admit, I liked that he was willing to stay home. Lana was a huge responsibility. Not only that but the kids had a warm meal for them when they came home from school.

Lana grew up. It seems like only yesterday she was born. Now she's a child.

I am having trouble finding a job in athletics again. I ended up taking a job in the medical field. I've worked my way up to nurse this week

The older children are doing excellent in school. Both brought home A+ report cards this week. Lana needs a little more time, but I'm sure she will excel like her siblings.

As the weekend came, Francis decided that he wanted to learn how to be happy throughout his life. He says books can teach you anything these days.

The last event of this week came as a shock to me as well. It turns out after Lana grew up, Vincent got a little lonely in the house. He made friends with a stray dog named Pepper

Well when Vincent went into the house, she came and made herself at home. The kids are thrilled to have a dog around. I was not at first. It meant food, getting a chew toy, and making sure she went outside. I learned to love her as well, it is a large responsibility right now, but I'm sure we can handle it.


  1. I find it hard to adopt pets, but it's fun when you succeed.
    Congratulations on a great start!

  2. A nice family! I just played a house where the lady of the house adopted both Sake the cat and Kim the fat siamese cat. Sake is very good...takes care of all his needs. Smart. Kim is fat and lazy and keeps low needs. Grrr.....