Sunday, February 7, 2010

James Round 1

Have Babies Gloria

I'm Chad. I was asked to update you on what happened at our house this week.

My wife left, filed for divorce, then took the house! I couldn't believe it. We weren't left with much, so we moved here.

I have my 2 daughters with me, Miriam who is now a teenage, and Gloria who is a child. My wife never wanted children, it was a wonder I married her. I want a large family. I would like nothing more than my children to have large families.

We didn't have much upon moving in, in fact, the carpet hadn't been put down yet.

It was so short notice that we had to get out, I spent a lot to get the house built, but the house would need to go up around us.

I wanted to make sure my daughters got the most out of life. So I took time to help both succeed with homework.

I had to keep up my job as well,

Since my desire is for family I had to support them. I worked hard this week and was promoted up to paramedic. I also made time for myself.
I called up the local matchmaker and asked her to find me someone.

I didn't hit it off with her at all. In fact, all she wanted to talk about was woohoo. She had no interest in children or marriage. I can't be with a woman like that.

Sadly, the only woman in town I feel connected with it already married. I'm not willing to break up a marriage to give me one.

I talked a little with Gloria about what I want out of life.

She seems to be happy with my plan. She then said she would have enough children for a baseball team. I don't feel it's her I really need to worry about. It's Miriam.

She likes to play, anything fun is her cup of tea. Babies are not fun, she says. "They lay there, they poop, that's not for me dad."

She has been looking at the boys around town. She says the paper boy is pretty nice, but also that there's not that much of a spark between them. But they are nice friends to have.

Speaking of friends, there's a dog around that is very friendly.

He comes in the yard, and at first I wanted him to go away, but he's so cute and the girls want a dog. So I figured why not, I'll be friends with this dog.

Sims: 3
Money: 1 (I need to check and make sure)

Odd Pic:

All because Miriam got on the school bus before Gloria.


  1. The no pictures should be fixed now.

  2. I knew I hadn't read this family....because of no pictures. I read round two...needed to go back and read round 1. Now I know why the family went to buy a dog in round 2. :)