Saturday, February 6, 2010

Allen House Round 1

Hello Allen family.

Lillian: We had an interesting week. Let me introduce everyone.

These are my dads, Fred (Pleasure) and Jim (Knowledge). Jim is my real father but left mom for Fred. Either way, I was young when it happened and I've had time to get adjusted to it.

Then there's me, Lillian (Pleasure). It seems that in the events of this week I didn't get a picture of me, but there is the family picture up top. I moved back here with my dads due to my husbands death. I just couldn't live there anymore with the reminders of him.

But I do have my reminders, my children, Hillary (Popularity)and Zach.

As for what we all want out of life, there's certainly differences.

As you can see Fred and I have the same desire for our lives. Although Fred no longer can pursue this due to his age, he still can cook up a storm.

Both Hillary and Zach go to the public school, however they are not ready for it yet. We did take time to study with them so that their grades go up.

By the end of the week they both were getting A's.

It seemed that not a day went by that the kids were bringing someone home. Usually people that live in our neighborhood, but not always. Hillary really seemed to hit it off with William Perry.

You'll hear more about his family soon, I'm sure.

I'm also looking for love, but right now I'm not sure how I feel about the head of the gardening club. He's nice, but I'm not sure that spark is there.

Jim spent most of the week working on some skills, he wants to know everything. He's a retired college professor, what else would one expect? He's doing well. We all are, for the most part.

I have been unable to find a job in sports, well I found one at the beginning of the week, but one bad decision and the job was gone. I mean, I want to be the llama not some other mascot.

Evidently dad Fred made a right decision at work though, and got more creative from it.

Zach has been asking for a pet all week, I finally told him if he got into private school he could have a pet. However, there was a problem and the headmaster wouldn't speak to any of us. It made me feel really bad that he thought so poorly of us, to not even speak to us.

Zach did not get his pet, I'm sad to say. Hopefully next week will work out better for private school and hopefully we can get some simolean coming in soon.

To end on a happier note, Hillary decided to go to college.

She should be arriving soon, and promised to call when she arrived and got settled. I hoping this is soon. I miss her already.

Simolean: 1
NOTE: No penalty was taken for the despiration after not getting into private school, this was an error outside my control.

Odd picture out:

I love the tuck in interaction.

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  1. Wow what an interesting family! I like Fred and Jim. I have only had one same sex couple..and that was in Prosperity Falls early on. I didn't want the genes to spread, so I had a same sex couple and they adopted. But while I was playing today, I did a same sex couple just because it seemed right for the characters. I think it will turn out well. I have your blog bookmarked.